Mercedes supports Hamilton: 'Not about politics, this is about human rights'

15-09-2020 09:17
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Mercedes supports Hamilton: 'Not about politics, this is about human rights'

Lewis Hamilton came under fire for his shirt after the Tuscany Grand Prix. Mercedes, however, supported the British driver on Social Media, after many people indicated that this went too far.

On Sunday Hamilton was shown with a striking shirt. Arrest the policemen who murdered Breonna Taylor', could be read on Hamilton's shirt. With this, Hamilton made a clear statement in the investigation into Taylor's death. The American woman was shot in her own house by police officers, but apart from one dismissal, there was no further prosecution.

Mercedes stands right behind Hamilton

On the social media there was a lot of talk about Hamilton. According to many, this action by Hamilton was a step too far. By expressing his support for 'Black Lives Matter', the six-time world champion has already made a clear voice heard in the fight against racism and some people feel that Hamilton has now gone too far and made a political statement that does not belong on an F1 podium.

However, Mercedes is right behind their driver and the official Twitter account is responding. Many angry reactions come online to a reaction from Mercedes. The German team indicates that this action by Hamilton has nothing to do with politics, but with making human rights known.

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