Opportunity for Verstappen killed: ''He was there right from the start''

15-09-2020 08:16
by GPblog.com
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Opportunity for Verstappen killed: ''He was there right from the start''

The Grand Prix of Tuscany was quickly over for Max Verstappen. Due to a problem with the Honda engine, the Dutchman was in trouble and even crashed. This while Red Bull Racing seemed to be in such a good position this weekend.

Great opportunity for Verstappen

During the Italian Grand Prix Verstappen had to put his car in the garage at an early stage and also in Tuscany Verstappen did not see the finishing flag. It seems to be the same problem again and so they point to Honda. That's a shame, because according to Kees van de Grint there was a big chance for Verstappen at Mugello.

''Max was there right from the start and that was positive to see. There was a big chance for a good result here, because his car fitted well with this circuit. If you see all the chaos in the race, Verstappen could certainly have done well, but that hope was soon buried in the ground'', says Van de Grint at RTL GP Slipstream.

Honda causes problems

''It reminds me of a few years ago, when people were very negative about the French. The crash was now simply due to a lack of power'', says Van de Grint. Bridgestone's former tyre expert thus refers to the difficult period with Renault in 2017, when Verstappen had frequent engine problems at the start of the season.

According to Van de Grint, Verstappen had bad luck. ''The others were lucky, because I also heard Albon asking for extra power. So I have the impression that all Honda engines were not completely fresh'', concludes Van de Grint.

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