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Hamilton on 90 victories: I never thought that I would be here

Hamilton on 90 victories: "I never thought that I would be here"

14-09-2020 18:10 Last update: 20:51


It remains a recurring topic: the records of Michael Schumacher are tumbling one by one with Lewis Hamilton's current form. On several occasions, the Brit has indicated that it is not his aim to break records, but at the same time, it is an unreal situation for the driver. With one more victory to go to match Schumacher's 91 victories, there is another record within reach.

A privilege

"It just doesn’t seem real," says Hamilton in conversation with The Guardian. "It’s ultimately a privilege to be in a position and have such a great team and a car to be able to deliver weekend in, weekend out but I just feel forever grateful to the people that continue to work hard, I’m just a link in the chain."

Hamilton is the man who delivers, but of course, there are hundreds of people involved to systematically deliver the mighty performance of Mercedes and that's what Hamilton recognises. Without them, he would never have come this far and he insists that it's all a bit unthinkable, which is shown by his last sentence: "But I never thought that I would be here, that’s for sure."

There is a very good chance that he will match Schumacher's record and even surpass it with eight more races on the calendar. He will also be able to match the record of championships this year. Given Hamilton's lead, it's almost certain that he will be champion again this year.

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