Lammers understands frustrations from Verstappen: "This is not acceptable"

14-09-2020 07:42 | Updated: 14-09-2020 10:27
Lammers understands frustrations from Verstappen: This is not acceptable

Max Verstappen dropped out on Sunday with probably the same problems as a week earlier in Monza. The sports director of the Dutch Grand Prix agrees that this is not acceptable in the king's class of motor racing, certainly not for a team like Red Bull Racing.

"Max was justifiably angry. He has a good start. He's right at the start, but then he almost falls silent compared to the others," concludes Lammers about the start of the Grand Prix at Mugello. It went from bad to worse, because in the end Verstappen is also launched by the drivers behind him. "That was a coincidence with Grosjean and Raikkonen on the outside and in the Gasly sandwich."

Another retirement

It meant the third retirement in nine Grands Prix this season for Verstappen. "It's so frustrating for him. The frustration burst out. It's a real shame," said the former Formula 1 driver, who calls it 'logical' that the 22-year-old driver from Limburg has finished the race.

"He is a sportsman who is so driven. When you get out of your car and there is a microphone right under your nose... We know Max that he shouts what he thinks."

Red Bull Racing and Honda have to and will go to work to prevent this problem from happening again. "This is not good, it's not acceptable. They don't think it's acceptable," said Lammers at NOS Studio Sport. He doesn't want to give up the fight altogether.

"So easily that it can go wrong with Max, it can also go wrong with others."

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