Dutch press: "Red Bull needs Verstappen more than the other way around"

14-09-2020 07:26 | Updated: 14-09-2020 10:19
Dutch press: Red Bull needs Verstappen more than the other way around

The Dutch newspapers have been devastating to Red Bull Racing and Honda. The domestic media are of the opinion that the Austrian race team and its engine supplier have failed desperately after the third failure of Max Verstappen in nine Grands Prix. The criticism is certainly not harsh...

De Telegraaf: "Verstappen will continue to increase pressure internally"

It is clear that Red Bull doesn't do as well as the all-powerful Mercedes. "And it's not just the engine that matters, the continuously innovative Mercedes has also built a better car. Nevertheless, Verstappen is the only one that can scare Hamilton and Bottas, even in a much inferior car like the RB16. Red Bull needs the almost 23-year-old Limburger a lot more than the other way around. The problems are piling up for Red Bull and Honda. The man isn't willing to accept that and will continue to increase the pressure internally, although he knows he can't go anywhere. He's unlucky." 

Algemeen Dagblad: "Max threw his steering wheel away, swearing and ranting"

The AD saw a second Italian drama within a week for Max Verstappen. "After Monza, in Mugello. A very early one, after engine problems that started before the start. An unintentional collision with Kimi Räikkönen in turn 2 was the immediate reason for the early dropout. But problems had already arisen for Max. Even before the start, the Dutchman complained about his engine. For minutes eight mechanics hurriedly tinkered with the car, while Andrea Bocelli sang the Italian national anthem over Mugello. The problem seemed to have been solved in time when the mechanics had finished their work just before the formation lap."

Verstappen could start, but soon problems arose with the electronics. "Only 150 meters of that went at lightning speed. Ranting and screaming, Verstappen threw his steering wheel out of the car and walked back to the paddock, disillusioned. Strikeout number three of 2020, his second in a row. So after a drama in Lombardy in Tuscany, another disaster in Tuscany for the driver of Red Bull Racing."

De Volkskrant: "Verstappen to hope that Red Bull will catch up with him later"

According to de Volkskrant, it has now become unthinkable for Verstappen to grab his first world title in 2020. "With his third elimination in nine races on Sunday at the Mugello circuit, Verstappen's dream of becoming the youngest ever Formula 1 world champion was definitively dashed. As he looks ready to take power in the royal class in his sixth season, his team and engine supplier are lagging behind more and more emphatically. It's a hard time in what was supposed to be the year of truth. Red Bull's Helmut Marko said several times that his big goal was to make the Dutchman the youngest world champion ever. This season would be the last chance for Max. For Verstappen, it is to be hoped that his team has caught up with him before 2022."

Het Parool: "Verstappen couldn't get his Red Bull out"

Het Parool saw that few things went well for Verstappen in the first meters of the Grand Prix at Mugello. "For Max, the first edition of the Tuscany Grand Prix in Formula 1 only took a few corners. The Dutch driver was hit from behind in the first lap and slid into the gravel with a number of other drivers. Verstappen couldn't get his Red Bull car out of there."

NRC Handelsblad: "Verstappen hoped to revenge"

Finally, the NRC also makes a contribution. "Verstappen hoped to retaliate in advance this week for his disappointing race last week when he dropped out of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza due to technical problems. For Verstappen, it was the second weekend in a row that he was unable to make it to the finish line."

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