Marko concludes: Turbulent race with a bad result for us
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Marko concludes: "Turbulent race with a bad result for us"

13-09-2020 18:06 Last update: 18:56

Helmut Marko is fed up with the continuing problems with Honda's engines. The Red Bull Racing advisor saw a good opportunity for a second victory in 2020, but that hope was extinguished after half a lap. The only positive thing according to Marko is that the RB16 seems to become more competitive.

"With regard to the stowaway off, the Austrian explains: "No findings, except that it is in the electronic domain and bears some similarity to the Monza incidents," says Marko.

Pace is there at Red Bull

The speed is in the RB16, but problems like Sunday afternoon prevent a real fight with Mercedes. "We have now seen with Albon that our speed is very competitive and that our tyre wear is better than with Mercedes. So with Max the real chance of winning was there."

The 77-year old top man can only draw one conclusion: "All in all a turbulent race with a bad outcome for us," says Marko, who seems to forget for a moment that Albon managed to take his first podium place at Mugello.

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