Di Montezemolo: "The other driver I like is Verstappen"

11-09-2020 17:24 | Updated: 11-09-2020 20:54
by GPblog.com
Di Montezemolo: The other driver I like is Verstappen

Luca di Montezemolo has praised several Formula 1 drivers, both past and present. The former president of Ferrari, for example, has some nice words for Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Jimmy Clark, Jackie Stewart and Ayrton Senna, the list goes on.

When asked by The Daily Mail which of the Ferrari drivers have impressed him in the past, Di Montezemolo replies: "Schumacher and Lauda lead the way, along with Alberto Ascari," said the Italian, who also appreciated Kimi Raikkonen. "He was silent, a good man, a team man."

Di Montezemolo on Alonso

Fernando Alonso is not included. "Fernando may have been as good as Michael in the race," said the Italian businessman about the always very outspoken Spaniard. According to Di Montezemolo, Alonso caused too much trouble within the team. After a sabbatical, Alonso will return to Formula 1 at Renault next year for two years.

Who is the greatest driver ever for Di Montezemolo? "Jimmy Clark is my hero, Jackie Stewart also fantastic, and Ayrton Senna, of course. Alain Prost was very, very good. But he was a small fraction below the best, best, best." Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen can also count on a nice compliment. "Listen, Lewis is one of the best drivers in history. I have sold him some Ferraris. He is very correct. A good person and a good driver. The other one I like is Max Verstappen."

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