Hamilton up to eight penalty points on license

07-09-2020 07:01
Hamilton up to eight penalty points on license

Lewis Hamilton was given a ten-second stop-and-go penalty in Italy on Sunday for entering the pit lane whilst it was closed. The incident saw two penalty points put on his license. This means that the Mercedes driver is now at a total of eight.

A driver may not collect more than twelve penalty points in a year on their license. These will disappear after twelve months, and for Lewis, his next penalty points will disappear on November 17th. 

Hamilton must be careful

There will be another six GP-weekends before that time, so Hamilton must be careful. Twelve penalty points will result in a suspension from one Grand Prix. 

After Hamilton, Albon is the driver with the most penalty points. He is on five points. Daniil Kvyat currently has four, while Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Antonio Giovinazzi, Kimi Raikkonen and George Russell all have three. Max Verstappen has two penalty points on his license.

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