Pirelli boss stresses: "As far as I'm concerned, it's not a security issue."

20-08-2020 20:38 | Updated: 20-08-2020 21:18
by GPblog.com
Pirelli boss stresses: As far as I'm concerned, it's not a security issue.

There is a plan to tighten up the aerodynamics rules from next year so that teams can generate less downforce. This reduces the chance of blistering on the tire. According to the boss of Pirelli this is not done for safety reasons.

Since we will also be driving the same tyres as the year next year, it is likely that the tyres under the Formula 1 cars will be even more advantageous next year than this year. After all, the race stables always manage to conjure up more performance from somewhere, which increases the downforce, and therefore also the pressure on the tyres. During the first race at Silverstone this may have led to some punctures at the end of the race.

Not for safety reasons

The FIA and Pirelli would like to avoid such punctures next year, which is why extra rules are being introduced to limit the downforce. According to Mari Isola we shouldn't see it as a safety issue then: "The FIA wants to make the adjustments and I can't say I disagree, but it shouldn't be said that this is being done for safety's sake. After all, we can always increase the tyre pressure."

Isola continues: "Of course the teams will continue to improve the cars until the end of 2021, which will increase the pressure on the tyres. That's why we'll be stepping up to a level that will reduce wear, overheating and blistering. That is a good solution for next year. We've done the same for the second race at Silverstone."


On Friday, a working group will meet to discuss a number of proposals for reducing the downforce. Isola supports the upcoming changes but would like to emphasize that reducing the downforce should not be seen as a safety measure.

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