Todt on 2021 calendar: "More than twenty races should be achievable"

18-08-2020 17:55
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Todt on 2021 calendar: More than twenty races should be achievable

No less than 22 races were planned for 2020. It was going to be a historically long season. The coronavirus seemed to dramatically throw this planning into disarray. In retrospect, the damage was limited to at least fifteen races. Jean Todt thinks he can aim for another 22 races in 2021.

WEC calendar gives in

Besides F1, the WEC also had to stop racing at the beginning of this year. Last weekend racing was picked up again in this class. The 2019-2020 championship will then be decided after eight races. For next year the WEC will have to give up and will have to take enough with six races.

FIA President Jean Todt says to "Next year we will have about six races in the WEC including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I think that's the absolute minimum for a championship".

F1 stays above twenty races

On the other hand, little or nothing will change for F1. Todt aims for a season in the royal class of motorsport with 20 to 22 races: "It won't take us much extra effort to organize 20 to 22 races next year. Life is about finding a good balance and in motorsport we have found it at the moment".

"The current period obviously makes things a lot more difficult. We need a lot of creativity to make it work. I am so far very proud of the creativity that our promoters, teams and local organizers have shown".

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