Brown responds to Szafnauer: "I've never been fined a dollar"

14-08-2020 17:32 | Updated: 14-08-2020 18:23
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Brown responds to Szafnauer: I've never been fined a dollar

Zak Brown has reacted again to Otmar Szafnauer after the team boss of Racing Point said that he was "surprised how little Brown knows about Formula 1". Brown hit back and said he's never been fined a dollar.

Knowing the regulations

"I thought a lot of what Otmar said was accurate. I’m not an engineer. I don’t know the rule book first page to the last page. But as CEO you have a racing team and it’s their job to know the rule book and the regulations", Brown said at the FIA press conference.

Racing Point was recently fined 15 points off and €400,000 because the team had broken the rules. "In my time here leading McLaren I’ve never been fined a dollar, let alone four hundred thousand. I’ve never been docked points," continued Brown.

Historic racing

Szafnauer also mentioned that he thought Brown had a lot of knowledge about the history of racing. Brown also comes back to this: "As far as historic racing, I think people that know me know I enjoy historic racing and I’d invite Otmar to come join me because he’s got a historic car that he’s currently racing."

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