Hamilton: "High temperatures make it extremely difficult on the track"

14-08-2020 16:44
by Matt Gretton
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Hamilton: High temperatures make it extremely difficult on the track

Friday in Barcelona went well for Lewis Hamilton. During the first free practice he was right behind his teammate Valtteri Bottas and in the second free practice the Mercedes driver managed to set the fastest time. Still, the Brit is careful because he knows that Red Bull Racing is usually very fast on Sundays.

“It looks like things will be very exciting with Red Bull in the long distance. It will therefore be a very exciting race ”, Hamilton expects. “It is very difficult on this track. We have never ridden on this track with this temperature. I also don't think I have been to Spain and that it was that hot ”, Hamilton told Sky Sports.

No blisters on the tyres yet

In Silverstone, the Mercedes car suffered from blisters on the tyres several times. This weekend it will be warm again. “I haven't seen any blisters on the tyres yet, but that was also the case on Friday last week. You can't say a lot about it yet ”, Hamilton explains. Only during the race on Sunday does more become clear.

“You have to look carefully where you stand with the tyre. It is therefore still very unclear how the strategy will be. No one knows yet whether it will be a one-stopper or two-stopper on Sunday," said Hamilton.

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