Verstappen on comparison with Schumacher: "Don't really like that"

14-08-2020 15:33
by Matt Gretton
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Verstappen on comparison with Schumacher: Don't really like that

After the good Grands Prix in Silverstone, Max Verstappen suddenly has good chances in the championship again. During the second Grand Prix on the British circuit, the Dutchman was dominant and Red Bull Racing seems to have closed the gap with Mercedes on those particular tyres. After the race, Verstappen was compared to Michael Schumacher by Ross Brawn, but the Dutchman does not want to know about that.

“Max reminds me of Schumacher in several ways. He was especially fast in his younger years, but he's grown up now too," explains Brawn in his column on Verstappen himself does not think that that comparison is correct. "It is of course very nice to hear, but I don't like to compare myself to others."

Verstappen unique driver

“I am myself and I am a different driver”, Verstappen explains to CNN. “Of course things can match, such as behavior, which you are compared to, but it is something I never do. I just want to be myself ”. He sees that Verstappen has matured in his preparations for a GP weekend.

“I am more at ease. You know much better how everything works and how to prepare yourself well for a race. I never really experience real pressure again. I'm just a lot more relaxed, also because I know what to expect from a weekend ”, the Dutchman concludes.

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