Weather forecast favourable for Red Bull: "Control over overheating is crucial"

13-08-2020 11:46 | Updated: 13-08-2020 14:22
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Weather forecast favourable for Red Bull: Control over overheating is crucial

This weekend the sixth Grand Prix of the season will be held in Barcelona. According to the weather forecast it will be another hot Grand Prix, so it seems to be opportunities for teams like Red Bull Racing and trouble ahead for Mercedes.

Tyre Control

Despite the fact that this weekend the teams will drive at the Circuit de Catalunya for the third time in 2020, the head of the racing department of Pirelli Mario Isola thinks it will be very difficult for the teams. Mainly because of the hot conditions. "The drivers will be racing the Circuit de Catalunya for the third time after two pre-season tests. But with very different conditions and more advanced cars since then", said Isola in conversation with

Isola expects that the heat will mainly increase the degradation on the tires. "Especially the high temperatures will increase the thermal degradation on a demanding track for the tires. So the management of the tires and the control of overheating will be particularly crucial."

Good news for Red Bull

This seems to be good news for Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, who showed at Silverstone last weekend that they have the tyres well under control even in hot conditions.

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