Weather forecast: Sunny Barcelona could benefit Red Bull

13-08-2020 10:14
Weather forecast: Sunny Barcelona could benefit Red Bull

Last week it was already quite warm in Great Britain, but in Barcelona they are doing a lot more. With temperatures against 30 degrees it promises to be a warm weekend in Spain. Pirelli's tyres are expected to have a hard time again. 

It stays dry all weekend. Saturday is the sunniest day for the time being. On Friday and Sunday there will be a cloud here and there. On all days, according to, temperatures of about 28 to 29 degrees are expected. In short, the conditions are almost the same every day.

During the last two GP's the wind also played a significant role. On the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this is also often the case. On all three days an average wind of about 17 km/h is announced. During peak moments, speeds of about 37 km/h can be reached. Especially on Sundays this seems to happen. 

Mercedes at a disadvantage?

For Red Bull Racing the warm weather is an advantage over Mercedes. The German world champion has always had more trouble cooling the engine, but especially the tyre degradation seems to become a thing of the past for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. During both the Grands Prix at Silverstone big blisters on the rubber soon appeared.

The RB16 of the Milton Keynes based formation seems to deal with this a lot better. However, they still face a gap of several tenths on Sunday to one second in qualifying. 

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