Verstappen: "I may be aggressive, but that's controlled aggressiveness"

13-08-2020 07:11 | Updated: 13-08-2020 07:34
Verstappen: I may be aggressive, but that's controlled aggressiveness

Jos Verstappen is confident that his son will become world champion in Formula 1. Furthermore Jos states that he used to use his head less during Grands Prix than Max Verstappen does today.

"I hope one day he'll be world champion," says Jos in the podcast Talking Bull. The former Formula 1 driver is confident that his son will be able to do that. "He still has a lot of time for that. I am sure that day will come. If he gets the car to be champion, he will be champion."

The Red Bull Racing driver doesn't really care that expectations are sky-high. "No, I'm waiting for the chance to fight for the championship. Every year you become a better driver. I like to win races. That's what you do in the end," he explains.

Verstappen was trained by his father and that is also reflected in the driving style of the 22 year old driver. "Yes, absolutely. I can be aggressive, but from my side it is controlled aggressiveness. I just like to race hard and my dad did. Well, I think I have a little more finesse in my driving style. My dad wanted me to be better than him, so we tried to work on that."

Max uses head more than Jos

Jos agrees with his son's explanation and complements it: "He uses his head more and his driving style is more fluid. When I used to see that he took a corner too wild, I would stand there and tell him to drive more cleanly and take as much speed as possible through the corners. We practiced that when he was very young," he concluded.

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