Honda not satisfied yet: "We're working very hard"

12-08-2020 13:38 | Updated: 12-08-2020 13:56
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Honda not satisfied yet: We're working very hard

The Mercedes dominance was temporarily broken this weekend by the suprising victory of Max Verstappen. Mercedes has had trouble cooling its car on very hot days more than once this season. So normally, Mercedes should be still extremely dominant.

The gap between Red Bull and Mercedes is of course mainly due to the engine and chassis. Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda, also sees that there is still a lot of work to be done: "We are working very hard to catch up with them, but they (Mercedes) are doing it too," he says to the Spanish outlet Marca.

"Things are coming"

Despite the gap to Mercedes, Tanabe is happy with the progress that Honda has made over the last few years: "We have come close to the top engines over the years, we are still looking for something in our development and we have found it, but also they, the competition works and we never stop and are never satisfied with our level of technology. More things are coming."

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