Horner about Verstappen and Hamilton: "There you have the one-to-one comparison"

12-08-2020 09:23 | Updated: 12-08-2020 09:23
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Horner about Verstappen and Hamilton: There you have the one-to-one comparison

Christian Horner has tried to draw a comparison between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The team boss of Red Bull Racing believes that his Dutch driver is performing at the same level as Hamilton. Moreover, according to Horner, Verstappen is coping well with the fact that the start of the season didn't go as secretly hoped at the Austrian race team.

When Horner is asked if he thinks Verstappen is currently driving at the same level as Hamilton, he answers in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport: "I certainly see no reason not to look at it that way".

Comparison Max and Lewis

The comparison between Verstappen and the six-time world champion is difficult to make. The Red Bull driver drives in a slower car than Hamilton, so it's hard to say who is really the faster of the two. "Max gets everything out of the car. And that's the potential that's in the car. I'm sure Lewis gets everything out of the Mercedes. There you have the one-to-one comparison", the British chief says.

The 22-year old from Limburg can still be the youngest world champion ever in Formula 1. That title has yet to come this year. That seems to be a very difficult task with the rappe Mercedes. Horner sees that Verstappen is coping well with the current situation. "He is very balanced and leads the team very well. He is a realist. He knows that we are ahead of everybody else, except Mercedes. And they are our goal. He is part of the team and works hard with us to get to the top."

Albon on Saturday

In any case, teammate Alexander Albon has no chance of winning the world championship. The British Thai has a difficult start of the season and on top of that the pressure is increasing. "The pressure is coming from you (the media). He just needs a good Saturday. On Sunday he actually drives pretty good. We just have to give him a better car for the qualifying. If he then qualifies further up the grid, I have no doubt. His race pace fits", Horner concludes.

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