Formula 1 calendar takes shape: 'Istanbul and Jerez options for races in November'

12-08-2020 08:17 | Updated: 12-08-2020 10:30
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Formula 1 calendar takes shape: 'Istanbul and Jerez options for races in November'

The Formula 1 calendar has only 13 races, while Chase Carey aims for 15 to 18 races. What are the options for Formula 1, which saw one event after another disappear from the calendar?

Small holes in the F1 calendar

The Formula 1 calendar has been extended since the first edition after the coronavirus. The calendar now also includes the races in Tuscany (Mugello), Russia (Sochi), Eifel (Nürburgring), Portugal (Portimao) and Emilia Romagna (Imola). This means that the calendar is filled until November 1st, but there is still room for other races.

Carey has already announced that Formula 1 will end with races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The question remains whether the event in Bahrain will be held once or twice, which could result in a calendar of 15 to 16 races. However, the gap from November 1st until the end of November can still be filled.

Where can Formula 1 still go? reports two more options. Formula 1, for example, could return to Jerez in November, where it has raced a Formula 1 race in the past and many a championship has been decided. In addition, the circuit in Instanbul is also an option, which according to many fans is still one of the nicest circuits.

With those two races, Formula 1 could even achieve 18 races. However, it still seems quite a challenge, because the increase of corona crashes in Spain will not make it easy to make it hard for a race in Jerez and also Turkey still belongs to an Orange region.

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