Brundle: "Verstappen could have been at the top of the championship"

11-08-2020 12:35 | Updated: 11-08-2020 16:25
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Brundle: Verstappen could have been at the top of the championship

Martin Brundle has some trouble estimating the last race at Silverstone. On the one hand he finds it a pity that the softer Pirelli tyres were so decisive for the race, on the other hand he finds Max Verstappen's performance all the better.

Doubtful honor for Verstappen?

In his column on Skysports the Brit kicks off: "It was fun to see the jeopardy and uncertainty of the Pirelli tyres on Silverstone's brutal circuit. At the same time, it's a pity that broken and blistered tyres can be the deciding factor in a race in just a few laps".

Brundle regrets that he doesn't see drivers going to extremes because they are managing the tyres, but: "At the same time, as on rainy days, it's quite a challenge for drivers to get past these problems with tyres and be better at it than their rivals. That's exactly what Verstappen was able to do."

Verstappen could have led the championship

The Sky analyst continues: "No matter how carefully Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas drove, they couldn't keep the tires intact, which Verstappen did. Verstappen now moves up to P2 and is thirty points behind. The same gap Bottas had at Hamilton before the race."

Brundle lets his thoughts run free and continues: "I can't help thinking that if Verstappen had won race on without the mechanical error, and the previous race at Silverstone without a late pit stop for the fastest lap, he'd be right behind Hamilton or just at the top of the championship."

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