Brawn sees frustrated Vettel: ''Ferrari should sit down with him''

11-08-2020 08:55
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Brawn sees frustrated Vettel: ''Ferrari should sit down with him''

Sebastian Vettel went into a spin during the second Grand Prix at Silverstone and then attacked his team on the on-board radio. Is this situation still salvageable for Ferrari? Ross Brawn thinks so.

The marriage between Vettel and Ferrari is over and out. The only problem is that they're stuck with each other for another year. Ferrari prefers a different driver and Vettel prefers a different team. It is noticeable by everything and the situation doesn't seem to go well for long.

Vettel and Ferrari at war

"It was another difficult weekend for Sebastian. When I got into situations like this, I always sat down one-on-one with the driver to understand the problem. Then maybe you can bring in an engineer to see how we are going to solve this situation. They need to take a measure and see how the rest of the season goes," said Brawn in his column for

The former Ferrari top man sees an irritated driver. ''Ferrari clearly has a frustrated driver and they need to find a way to deal with each other for the rest of the year. They have to turn this situation in which everyone loses into a win-win situation," concludes Brawn.

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