Doornbos: 'Almost every victory of Verstappen he created himself'

10-08-2020 19:55 | Updated: 10-08-2020 20:51
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Doornbos: 'Almost every victory of Verstappen he created himself'

Max Verstappen took another victory last weekend and that's the ninth in his career. He outperformed Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas on good tyre management and that got a lot of praise. This victory also goes into the books as one with a great story and that actually applies to almost all of his victories.

Nine victories for Verstappen

In the new episode of Crashen in the Kitchen, Robert Doornbos says: "He has nine in total and yesterday was number nine and only one came from pole position", in response to Rob Kamphues who says that Verstappen wins time and again in a situation where one day later you think: "He always wins and half the time you think: 'This can't be done'."

"One came from pole position and that was in Brazil," continued Doornbos. "Then he was so dominant. The rest is just all with a special story. This is self-created", the former F1-driver refers to Germany, Austria and other races that Verstappen managed to win spectacularly.

"This was decided on Saturday, we choose a different strategy and we are going to win him," concludes Doornbos.

Fully send it

Well over half the race said Verstappen over the radio to his engineer: "So basically we're just going to fully send it", which means it's actually already done. According to the two gentlemen, that shows that Verstappen is extraordinary, because even then he was more or less sure of his business where he doesn't have the best material on paper.

The same is also said about the other radio moments of Verstappen. At first he said he didn't want to drive like an old grandmother and later he asked his engineer if he had drunk enough and washed his hands. For Herman den Blijker, cook on duty, that is almost astonishing. "What's on your mind then? You can't do that, can you? That's not human, that man."

In other words, that kind of fun at that high speed while trying to win a race in the king's class of motorsport... that's what makes Verstappen stand out and makes it special as a driver.

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