Lammers after winning Verstappen: "They didn't do anything out of the ordinary"

10-08-2020 12:57 | Updated: 10-08-2020 13:12
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Lammers after winning Verstappen: They didn't do anything out of the ordinary

According to Jan Lammers it's only logical that Max Verstappen started on the hard tyre during yesterday's race. The former Formula 1 driver doesn't understand that other teams didn't go for the same strategy.

Unpredictable Red Bull

"We know that the Red Bull Racing is a car that is very focused on the nose. As soon as you touch the steering wheel, it actually reacts too quickly. That also makes it a little unpredictable", says Lammers at NOS Studio Sport. According to Lammers, that unpredictability is also the reason why Alexander Albon occasionally makes mistakes.

"The Mercedes was always perfectly balanced. Only here the Mercedes goes out of balance. It also wears out the rear tyres, while with most other cars the left front tyre wears out the worst", Lammers continues. He says that's a perfect fit for Red Bull. "But of course they had a different tyre strategy."

No special move

According to Lammers, Red Bull did nothing special with the choice of strategy. A number of drivers were also on the medium tyre last week to start the race and because Pirelli had brought softer tyres with them this weekend, the hard tyre of last weekend corresponded to the medium of a week ago. "So they didn't do anything out of the ordinary", says Lammers.

Verstappen was asked during his first stint on the hard tire to slow down a bit. The Dutchman responded that he didn't want to ride like a grandmother behind the Mercedes. Lammers fully understands that comment. "He sees the front tyres and he feels the car. Of course he is the man who is able to overrule that. The team fits together well, they're able to respect his level of judgement. He doesn't talk nonsense, so when he says it, they take it from him", Lammers concludes.

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