Marko acknowledges problems with RB16 chassis: "Biggest flaw has been fixed"

10-08-2020 06:27 | Updated: 10-08-2020 06:57
Marko acknowledges problems with RB16 chassis: Biggest flaw has been fixed

Helmut Marko is pleased with the progress Red Bull Racing has made in recent weeks. The RB16's performance lagged behind considerably, but now Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon seem to have a more competitive car at their disposal. The biggest problem has also been solved according to Marko.

In conversation with Auto Bild, the advisor of the Austrian race team said that the last Grands Prix had some issues with the chassis. "The biggest flaw has been fixed, but we still have a small thing to fix", Marko says to the German medium.

Marko believes in the world championship 

Then the 77-year-old man from Graz again announces that they have not yet put Red Bull Racing off the world title by heart. "We've always said that this fight is not over for us. They forget that we could have won the first Austrian Grand Prix in terms of speed".

Christian Horner said on Sunday evening that he didn't want to comment on Red Bull's chances of winning the World Championship. According to the Milton Keynes-based race director, we need to be patient for a few more weekends before we have a clearer picture.

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