Verstappen knows how to improve: "Still missing top speed"

09-08-2020 17:07
by Louis Shaw
Verstappen knows how to improve: Still missing top speed

Max Verstappen doesn't rule out that there will be more opportunities for Red Bull Racing to win more Grands Prixs this season. For that to happen, however, Mercedes will have to deal with problems like they had at Silverstone. Pole positions are unrealistic according to the Dutchman. 

"I needed a couple of laps, but I saw the degradation at Mercedes," says Verstappen about the fact that he had to get the temperature in his hard tyres for a while. "I wanted to increase pressure and then they went in for a pit stop."

Verstappen used newer tyres

After a long stint on the white compounds, Verstappen switched to the mediums. "Our pit stop wasn't perfect. I ended up next to Bottas on the asphalt, but I had the advantage of newer tyres."

The first win of the year makes for happy faces within the Red Bull team. "Today was really satisfying. We're going to enjoy today and we'll see what happens in Barcelona," says Verstappen. "If Mercedes has problems with the tyres, for example, and we don't have anything to worry about, we have the chance of a victory."

Honda needs to improve

According to Verstappen, there are still chances of victories in 2020, but pole positions don't seem to come this year. "We're still missing some top speed. In qualifying, it will be difficult to get close. In Q2 and Q3 they use more engine power and have a four to five-tenths lead on us," he concludes.

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