Hülkenberg jokes: "I'll let Max pass right away, no messing around!"

08-08-2020 19:11 | Updated: 08-08-2020 19:35
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Hülkenberg jokes: I'll let Max pass right away, no messing around!

Hülkenberg had a very strong qualifying session in which he already managed to put his Racing Point in third place for his second Grand Prix weekend of the season. The German driver is very satisfied and says it helped him to get used to the new car.

Learn to walk again

"Of course, I feel much better in the car. There were a couple of days between last weekend and now, so it wasn't from scratch. Last weekend I started from zero. That's very difficult when you come in a race weekend. Everybody's already at 100 percent while you're still learning to walk. I've been in the simulator a couple of times and I feel more at home. It's still a new car, but I can't complain much", says Hülkenberg to Ziggo Sport.

"We'll see tomorrow. But fine for me and the team. The race is the most important thing, we still have to do it. For today I'm happy, but tomorrow we have to do it again", Sergio Perez continued.

Verstappen one place behind Hülkenberg

Reporter Jack Plooij points out that there is someone next to Hülkenberg on the grid who also wants to show a lot on Sunday. "Ah yes, Max. I'll let him pass right away, no messing around! Just let him pass me quietly", jokes Hülkenberg.

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