Verstappen: "We are normally in no man's land"

08-08-2020 17:10 | Updated: 08-08-2020 19:30
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Verstappen: We are normally in no man's land

Max Verstappen will not start in the top three during tomorrow's second Grand Prix at Silverstone. Besides the two Mercedes', he also has Nico Hülkenberg in front of him. Verstappen thinks Racing Point used a different rear wing this weekend, which helped them.

Behind Racing Point and Mercedes

"Well, I think last weekend they were running a really big wing. So they had a lot of downforce on the car. Maybe it didn’t really work out for them that well. Because this weekend for sure they are running a different wing. They seem more competitive”, Verstappen says about Racing Point in an online press event from Red Bull Racing.

“Of course in qualifying, the Mercedes really has a different mode and that’s a big step. And we don’t have that. That of course helps. They can’t use it as much in the race. We are normally in no man's land. But they did a good job all weekend”, the Dutchman says about Mercedes.

Soft tyres

Verstappen was not happy to drive with the softest tyres Pirelli has brought with them. “Well because even on one lap at the end of the lap you start struggling. If you want to do multiple laps you see the tyres degrade. And if you fill-up the car that’s going to be even more. And you have the lessons from last week, the softest compound then was already not nice to drive on. You know that when you go even softer it’s going to be even more useless”, ends Verstappen.

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