Hulkenberg: "Expect to qualify around P6 tomorrow"

07-08-2020 18:11 | Updated: 07-08-2020 19:05
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Hulkenberg: Expect to qualify around P6 tomorrow

For Nico Hulkenberg, his second Friday at Racing Point went very well. In the first practice session, he was fourth and in the second session, he managed to set the sixth-fastest time, right behind his teammate Lance Stroll. Talking to Sky Sports, the German looks back on his second Friday, which went a lot better than his rushed first Friday.

"It was really relaxed today compared to a week earlier. It wasn't all that exciting anymore and the surroundings were much more familiar. I have been able to prepare better and I have been able to sit in the car several times now. In a way, I knew what to expect. So it all went much better today", the German explains.

Expectation is P6

Still, it didn't all go well at Racing Point. Hulkenberg's seat came loose in the second free practice session, so he had to go back into the pits for a short time. "The seat is mounted and fixed at the back of the chassis. Part of it broke off due to the high forces on the car. This caused the seat to come loose."

"It wasn't a problem, since they got it fixed pretty quickly." Hulkenberg has good hope for qualifying on Saturday. "I think we'll be P6 or P7. In that area, everything is close together so it will be very exciting. It's going to be a matter of getting everything out of it and hoping it will go well", Hulkenberg concluded.

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