Leclerc furious with accusations: "It's very sad"

06-08-2020 18:19
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Leclerc furious with accusations: It's very sad

This afternoon, Charles Leclerc strongly resisted the "disgusting" accusations of racism that, according to him, were made against him on social media. These accusations stem from the fact that Leclerc, and other drivers, refused to kneel against racism during the past races. However, Leclerc has been declaring for some time that he too is against racism, but out of sympathy in a different way.

"It's very sad to see how some people twist my words to fill the headlines of newspapers, and make it sound like I'm a racist," he said earlier on social media. "I'm not racist and I absolutely hate racism. Racism is disgusting."

Expressing feelings

After this reaction on twitter, Leclerc could logically expect a question about this. He told "As I've said many times before, I'm quite active on social media and I just don't accept the way I've been called up in the past few weeks, just because I'm not on my knees. I just wanted to make a simple Tweet to express my feelings and that's it."

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