Mercedes takes no risk: "Keep Hamilton and Bottas away from all meetings"

06-08-2020 07:11
Mercedes takes no risk: Keep Hamilton and Bottas away from all meetings

Toto Wolff has explained how Mercedes wants to avoid that with Lewis Hamilton or with Valtteri Bottas the same happens as with Sergio Perez. The team boss of the German race team has stated that his drivers are exposed to large groups as little as possible.

"We keep the drivers away from all meetings," Wolff said in an interview with Österreich. At the Austrian newspaper, the 48-year-old chief says that these are not the only precautions. "We have our own team of doctors at the races and train our staff in what is important. We appeal above all to people's common sense."

Wolff doesn't like corona tests

In the paddock everyone is still tested for the coronavirus every four days. These are not pleasant moments, Wolff assures us. "It can be quite unpleasant. "Often you have the feeling that they push the chopstick through your nose right into your cerebellum. But in the meantime I've gotten used to it."

Wolff doesn't complain though, because he knows that testing is of vital importance in order to continue to run Formula 1. "It's okay, we can't do without it. When you know that everyone in the paddock is tested every four days, it gives you a feeling of security", he concludes.

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