Ferrari joins Renault and protests against Racing Point

03-08-2020 20:48
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Ferrari joins Renault and protests against Racing Point

The car of Racing Point has been criticised since the beginning of the F1 season. Mainly from the Renault camp, because they claim that the pink Mercedes would not be according to the rules. That team denies all the accusations and claims on the contrary that it went according to the rules. The FIA has yet to make a statement, but in the meantime also Ferrari has joined Renault.

Racing Point breaks the rules

Ferrari points to Appendix 6 of the F1 Sport Regulations, according to The Race, which states that teams may only use certain parts if they have designed it themselves. According to Ferrari, Racing Point is committing an offence here and therefore the protest is more or less the same as the reason why Renault has already protested a couple of times.

That's not the only team that questions Racing Point, because McLaren also looks on suspiciously. Zak Brown recorded last weekend that the majority of the teams disagree with what Racing Point is doing, but that the legality depends on what the FIA decides. Anyway, it doesn't fit the sporting nature of the sport, according to Brown.

The FIA will decide on Wednesday, so Ferrari is just in time to make the protest. 

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