Photographer spotted Vettel getting into Racing Point's Szafnauer's car

03-08-2020 18:13
Photographer spotted Vettel getting into Racing Point's Szafnauer's car

There have been rumors for some time that Sebastian Vettel in 2021 is a serious option for Racing Point now that the German no longer has a seat at Ferrari. So far nothing is certain, but the rumors persist. Especially now that Vettel was spotted after the British Grand Prix when he got into the car with Otmar Szafnauer.

Vettel rode with Szafnauer

Formula 1 photographer Mark Sutton saw Vettel entering the parking lot at Silverstone with the team boss of Racing Point. He says in a video on Twitter that he didn't have a camera at hand so quickly to capture it, but nevertheless he later shared his story via the social medium.

"Vettel got into Otmar's car in the co-driver's seat. I wish I had my camera at hand, because that would have been a fantastic shot and a good story. I saw it happen, but I have no idea where they went. Maybe to Otmar's house in Oxford, maybe the Racing Point factory. I went past the factory to see if the car was there, but it wasn't there."

An interesting incident, because it reinforces the rumours about Vettel at Racing Point once again. In addition, the bubble of Formula 1 containing separate bubbles per team doesn't seem to be really watertight when Vettel joins the team boss of another team, but that's an aside.

This incident will undoubtedly have a tail end later this week when Vettel or Szafnauer will be asked about it during press moments.

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