Red Bull about gap to Mercedes: "About three to four tenths behind"

03-08-2020 15:46
Red Bull about gap to Mercedes: About three to four tenths behind

Christian Horner is satisfied with the RB16 after the first weekend in Great Britain. The gap with Mercedes was less than two weeks earlier in Hungary, but still the performance of Mercedes in qualifying causes surprised faces at Red Bull Racing. The German world champion is bizarrely fast on Saturdays with her W11.

"I think we've definitely taken a step forward. If we analyze our pace in the race we can clearly see that we have approached the Mercedes, and we are talking about a track that we know is perfect for their single-seater", Horner starts to say after the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

There is still a gap to close, but in Milton Keynes they are hopeful and don't want to give up yet. "At the moment they have a very competitive car, but our race pace with both drivers has been encouraging, we have estimated a delay in race between 3 and 4 tenths of a second", the British chief based on estimates from his team. "Our challenge is to work to reduce this gap."

Mercedes superior in qualifying

So where the difference on Sunday was less than a second, it was more than a second a day earlier in qualifying. Horner doesn't know exactly how that is possible yet. "That's what we're trying to understand. The Mercedes on the single lap confirmed quite impressive potential, as seen clearly in both FP3 and qualifying. Suddenly they make a huge leap forward, and at the moment we are trying to understand where that performance comes from", he concludes.

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