Tanabe: "We drove in the final lap at the level of qualifying mode"

03-08-2020 08:51 | Updated: 03-08-2020 09:11
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Tanabe: We drove in the final lap at the level of qualifying mode

Mercedes has a big gap with the closest attacker Red Bull Racing. The Honda power unit in the back of the Red Bull seems to be the main problem. Toyoharu Tanabe and his men have to work hard to improve the engine.

Qualification mode

Max Verstappen did manage to take the fastest lap in the British Grand Prix. This was because the Dutchman got extra power from the Honda engine in the last lap of the race. "In the final lap we drove at the level of qualifying mode", says Tanabe to AS-Web.

According to Tanabe the situation is unchanged compared to the start of the season, but he is satisfied with the race pace of the Red Bull. "Looking at the time difference between qualifying and the race, it's true that Mercedes is lagging behind a bit. The gap between qualifying and the race is certainly not the same. However, the situation hasn't changed in the last four races."

Updates upcoming races

The question is whether Honda can come up with improvements in the next two races? Tanabe remains realistic: "We have to make an effort to come up with solutions, but so does the competition. I don't know what will happen. The balance of power in Formula 1 will not change just like that. Of course we want to improve, but I think it is difficult."

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