Albon finds Hulkenberg impressive: "People forget how awkward that is"

02-08-2020 09:03 | Updated: 02-08-2020 09:47
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Albon finds Hulkenberg impressive: People forget how awkward that is

Alexander Albon changed from AlphaTauri to Red Bull Racing halfway through the season in 2019, so he knows a little bit about what Nico Hulkenberg is going through now. Asked about that switch, Albon explains how difficult that is.

"It's very impressive what he's done," Albon starts opposite and others. "People quickly forget that when you change teams, you actually have to learn everything all over again. Your brain is still set on the previous car, so with Hulkenberg, he is still completely set on everything from Renault," says the Thai.

It's not all that easy

According to Albon, this is much more difficult than one sometimes thinks. "From Formula 2 to Formula 1 everything is new, so you suck everything up like a sponge, but when you change teams not everything is new. A lot is the same, but there are a lot of things in detail that you have to do differently. That's what makes the changeover so difficult to make," said the Red Bull Racing driver.

Albon himself is still struggling with the Red Bull Racing car. The gap with Max Verstappen (who did manage to change teams successfully, resulting in a victory) is bigger than hoped for and Albon still doesn't feel at his best in the car. The question now is whether he will get that time to get used to it.

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