Albon can't explain last run: "I knew I could go faster"

01-08-2020 16:43 | Updated: 01-08-2020 18:41
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Albon can't explain last run: I knew I could go faster

Alexander Albon has had a somewhat chaotic weekend in Great Britain. First, with his crash on Friday and Saturday morning, he had technical problems so he was on the sidelines. In Q1, however, he seemed to have found the speed. asked him why it didn't quite work out in Q2.

"We tried the medium tires. It wasn't a terrible lap, but it wasn't great either. I made a few mistakes on that lap, so I knew I could go faster. At that point, you have to consider whether to take the risk with the medium tire or play safe with the soft tire."

"We chose the soft tyre. I can't really explain that last lap too much. We didn't extract the lap and that was it. It wasn't by much, but we should've been a little higher than we were in the end."

Albon gets a chance to improve during the race

A somewhat disappointing result for Albon. But tomorrow he thinks he can make up for some positions. He has shown earlier Grands Prix that he is able to do this and with the choice of free tyres he has an advantage over a few drivers ahead of him.

"The Sundays have generally gone well for me. We have made up for a lot of places in the last few races. We have to continue with that now. We have a free choice of tires for tomorrow, so we should be able to make up some places".


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