Wolff: "Those two have to get through the first few turns, then we'll see"

01-08-2020 16:16
by Louis Shaw
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Wolff: Those two have to get through the first few turns, then we'll see

Mercedes is seemingly unbeatable this season. In Hungary, they were already very dominant and the expected lead on the Silverstone circuit has also become a reality. Toto Wolff has little to complain about and is pleased with how his team performed. 

"Today there's nothing to complain about. It was really good," said a happy Wolff to Sky Sports Germany. "We were a second away from the others. I think we have adapted to the circumstances. And it's cooler than yesterday and that's why this gap is bigger than yesterday".

Hamilton vs Bottas on Sunday

Tomorrow it won't be as hot as last Friday either, but Wolff realizes that things can still go wrong. The team is still struggling with some reliability problems and on top of that things can still go wrong between the drivers themselves.

"It was a completely different day today. And as I said, our car is much better when it's cool. We always have little 'Gremlins' when it comes to the durability that needs to be driven as well as possible for tomorrow. The two have to get through the first few turns well, then we'll see."

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