Windsor: "I've never seen Verstappen drive like this before"

01-08-2020 10:07 | Updated: 01-08-2020 12:37
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Windsor: I've never seen Verstappen drive like this before

Peter Windsor analysed the Friday sessions and compared Max Verstappen with Alexander Albon. According to Windsor, Albon doesn't have the finesse that Verstappen has and that might have played a part in the crash at Stowe corner.

Problem of Verstappen and Albon

"Then the problem arose with mid-corner understeer on the slow corners of Silverstone. Both Max and Alex complaining about that this afternoon. Maybe the wind or the crosswinds. And that was the moment that exposed the whole argument about switching engineers. This was about a driver being able to adapt to all the variables going on," says Windsor in a YouTube video.

"And I don’t think, as good as Alex is, I don’t think he’s as good as manipulating the car mid-corner when something happens as Max Verstappen does. That’s what happened at Stowe. New engineer or not, that’s gonna happen until Alex has a bit more discipline on the slower corners. That’s where Max gets away with it, because he’s so, so good," says Windsor.

Footwork of Max

"They had a head-on shot of Max going into copse and you can tell that he’s absolutely livid that he suddenly developed this mid-corner understeer in slow corners. I’ve never seen Max drive like that but he got away with it because he’s so good. He’s like Alonso, his footwork, his balance it’s just absolutely brilliant. And that gave a highlight of how good Max is when you highlight the slow corners. And that’s what Alex doesn’t have. He has the finesse and the subtleness but he doesn’t have the footwork manipulation that Max Verstappen has," ends Windsor

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