FIA again strict on track limits in fast corners at Silverstone

30-07-2020 14:32
FIA again strict on track limits in fast corners at Silverstone

There has been a lot to do during the first races of the season in the past month about exceeding track limits and possible penalties for doing so. The race management seems to maintain these more strictly. Also on the Silverstone circuit this will play a role again.

In Austria the starting position for the first race was changed when Lewis Hamilton was punished for exceeding the limits during his fast lap. And during the GP weekend in Hungary, Dutch F3 rider Bent Viscaal saw a victory for the same offence.

Just like in Austria and Hungary, attention is paid to fast corners

At the Silverstone circuit the FIA has now designated two corners where the race management will once again be strict. These are corners 9 and 15 (Copse and Stowe), both fast corners where many drivers will go wide, especially at the end of the race.

"A lap time achieved during a training session or the race by leaving the circuit behind the black and white kerb at the exit of corner 9 or 15 will be invalidated by the stewards", is how the FIA statement sounds prior to the weekend.

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