Coulthard: "Racing Point has more chance of victories than Ferrari"

29-07-2020 15:15
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Coulthard: Racing Point has more chance of victories than Ferrari

That Ferrari is in a bad position at the moment, that's clear to everyone by now. Racing Point, on the other hand, is doing very well and that is causing a shift in the field. That Mercedes and Red Bull will be on the podium for the rest of the season is somewhat self-evident, but what used to be part of that is now Racing Point. At least, that's what former F1 driver David Coulthard expects.

Racing Point stands a better chance

The Scotsman says in the In the Fastlane podcast that Ferrari still has a chance to win, albeit small, but that it will be especially in the unusual races in which a lot happens. In that context, it is especially Racing Point that will still take a victory here and there, Coulthard expects.

"I believe Racing Point is more likely to win a race this year than Ferrari. I'm sure you're going to have one of those weird races in which the weather plays a role, the Mercedesses collide and Red Bull has a problem. I think Racing Point will follow, for Ferrari. I think they [Ferrari] will have a hard time winning this year."

In 2021 Ferrari has more chance expects Coulthard, because they will make changes in the car. "I expect that they will make improvements soon, because they know that the car is bad. There are restrictions, but that doesn't limit them in tackling aerodynamics."

Mercedes stands a better chance

With three races behind us it looks like Mercedes has a very good chance to become champion. Ferrari has more or less disappeared as a competitor and Red Bull Racing is still too far behind at the moment. As a result, the battle for the championship will mainly be between Hamilton and Bottas.

This doesn't exclude another team on the highest step of the podium. "The racing gods will strike one day," says Coulthard. "There's no other car capable of continuously beating Mercedes, but I would be surprised if this team wins all the races." Unusual situations can occur every race and Mercedes can also be affected.

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