Formula 2 also goes to Russia and taps almost original calendar

29-07-2020 09:52
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Formula 2 also goes to Russia and taps almost original calendar

Just like Formula 1, Formula 2 has the Russian Grand Prix on its calendar, confirming the tenth Grand Prix of this season. The stepping stone class to the top of motorsport therefore seems to be coming up to the expected number of races.

Formula 2 has already completed six races. Like Formula 1, the class with many young talents was to be found in Austria and Hungary, where it completed a main race and a sprint race every weekend. The first eight races were already fixed, but it is now also clear where the rest of the season will take place.

New race for Formula 2

Whereas Formula 1 has announced five other races since the first eight-race calendar, F2 and F3 were stuck at nine races. Only the Grand Prix of Tuscany on the circuit of Mugello was added, but for the time being it remained that way. However, this is no longer the case for Formula 2.

The tenth race on the calendar will be that of Russia at the Sochi circuit. The Formula 2 season had twelve weekends for the coronavirus and now seems to be well on its way. It is said that Formula 2 will also visit Bahrain and Abu Dhabi at the end of the season, as is expected for Formula 1. F3 will stop at nine races for the time being and will not add Russia to the calendar.

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