Steiner: "It's hard for us to score points right now"

28-07-2020 07:17 | Updated: 28-07-2020 11:24
Steiner: It's hard for us to score points right now

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner does not expect to achieve good results during the two races at Silverstone. According to the Italian, this is mainly due to the disappointing performance of the Ferrari engine which is mounted in the back of the Haas.

Little joy at Haas

Steiner thinks that Haas is currently in battle with Alfa Romeo and Williams in the rearguard and he thinks the shape will vary from circuit to circuit. "We know it is very power sensitive Silverstone. So there will be no joy", he says to

"We are all mixing it up and I think it's a little bit track depending who is on top of it: is it high speed, is it low speed?" he said, when asked about the battle between the three backmarker teams.

Fight with Alfa Romeo and Williams

Steiner thinks Haas belongs in the middle of the Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams group. The U.S. team knows it has to make good use of its chances when they occur on track. During the GP of Hungary the team made an excellent call by bringing the two cars in for dry weather tyres before the race start. This allowed Kevin Magnussen to score his first point for the 2020 team.

"It's fairly difficult for us to get points at the moment, and especially some of the races which are coming up, they're not in our favour", Steiner continues.

"We always try to do our best and maybe we can find some opportunity like we get [in Hungary], you never know. If you give up you never find the opportunity, so you need to keep on trying to find something. But you don't expect it", concludes Steiner.

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