Haas doesn't do updates anymore and focuses on 2021: "We have to live with that."

27-07-2020 13:39
by GPblog.com
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Haas doesn't do updates anymore and focuses on 2021: We have to live with that.

Haas has decided not to spend any more money this year on technical changes to the current bolide. Rather it looks to 2021, the year in which the American team wants to perform.

"We're running out of speed in qualifying and that's something we have to live with, since we don't have any major upgrades there and there won't be an engine upgrade", says team boss Günther Steiner against French F1Only. "We just have to fight and always try to do a good job. We're not the fastest midfield car this year, we have to live with that. We are short."

No improvements

"We therefore have no improvements planned for this year, so we have to focus on making the most of what we have this season and look to next year to try to do something better that year It's not going to be an easy year". Kevin Magnussen only gained one point this season, while teammate Romain Grosjean gained zero points. This puts Haas in ninth place in the constructors' championship, just above the still point-less Williams.

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