Hamilton disappointed about missing fans on home circuit: "Gets super crazy"

26-07-2020 07:15 | Updated: 26-07-2020 09:41
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton disappointed about missing fans on home circuit: Gets super crazy

Lewis Hamilton is disappointed that no fans will be present in the stands during his home game at Silverstone, but the English leader of Mercedes hopes that supporters will be able to take their seats along the circuits sometime this season. 

That's what Hamilton says in conversation with Motorsport-total.com. "It's gonna be super crazy not to see fans. The British Grand Prix is the most beautiful of all, especially by the visitors. There will be thousands of people who will provide spectacle." This weekend the stands will remain empty, due to the still plaguing coronavirus. 

Fans at the airport

Hamilton hopes that eventually during the season there may be some easing. "I've been met at the airport by a horde of fans. I got a lot of energy out of that short moment. That really touched me." This weekend the British Grand Prix is on the agenda. Hamilton is record holder on the circuit with six victories. Also last year he stayed ahead of his competitors.

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