Teams denounce slow announcement of GPs: 'More gambling than business'

25-07-2020 09:33
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Teams denounce slow announcement of GPs: 'More gambling than business'

On Friday, Formula 1 announced that it will add three more races to the 2020 F1 calendar. On three circuits in addition that six months ago would never have qualified for a Grand Prix, let alone this season. That fact, combined with the fact that F1 is slowly rolling out the schedule, is causing headaches for the teams.

There are a lot of unknown factors for this season, even while on the road the teams don't know how many races the championship will count and where those races will be held. Guenther Steiner tells that this is especially difficult to deal with financially.

Haas has stopped development

"It's a nightmare to deal with if you don't get back how much you're going to spend and how much money you're going to get back in. How can you run a business on that? It's more gambling than business, I have to say." Steiner gets support from Claire Williams, who emphasizes that the small teams suffer more from this.

To cover himself for the uncertainty, Haas has stopped all development to the car of this season. This way Steiner hopes to stay within his budget, but it also means that it will be difficult for the team to find its way forward. Something that is necessary given the last races.

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