Verstappen is looking forward to returning Alonso: "Hopefully racing against him a

24-07-2020 08:33
Verstappen is looking forward to returning Alonso: Hopefully racing against him a

Fernando Alonso will return next year in Formula 1 at Renault and Carlos Sainz has been given a spot at Ferrari. The Spaniards are 'hot' and Max Verstappen understands why.

Fernando Alonso

The Dutchman employed by Red Bull is asked by the Spanish AS about the return of two-time world champion Alonso. Verstappen is very positive about the Spaniard, who is generally seen as one of the best drivers of the last generations.

Alonso will ride next year for his old love Renault. Verstappen is looking forward to it: "Fernando is very difficult in a direct duel, so I hope I can race a lot against him next year. Although that will depend on the material." The Spaniard himself has already indicated that he wants to focus mainly on 2022 so there is a chance that both gentlemen will meet each other more often on the track if the French manage to build a strong car.

Carlos Sainz

That other Spaniard is driving for Ferrai next year. Sainz started his career as well as Verstappen at Toro Rosso. The two ruffs were teammates and they regularly competed with each other. Nevertheless the Red Bull driver is positive about the current driver of McLaren.

"Carlos is also an excellent driver and I think he's going to be a good couple with Charles Leclerc next year at Ferrari."

Verstappen wants to take the world title this year, but a lot still has to change for his Red Bull car. In the first three races the Austrian team clearly fell short of Mercedes. Should he unexpectedly become world champion this year, he will do so with a significantly smaller car, but that wouldn't make the title any better for the Dutchman.

"A title is always as valuable to me. With a good car you can't be sure that you will win the title. You can drop out or make mistakes. For me there is no difference between titles", the Limburger concludes.

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