Vettel doesn't want Hamilton to break Schumacher's record. He's the best.

Vettel doesn't want Hamilton to break Schumacher's record. "He's the best."

24-07-2020 07:04

Sebastian Vettel is still in uncertainty for next year. The German has no team yet because he was told a few months ago that he has to leave his current team Ferrari. Vettel has been under contract with the Italians since 2015 but it was never a marriage in which there was much celebration although he does not regret his choice. He would have liked to grab some world titles, partly so that the record of his compatriot Michael Schumacher would remain.

Vettel came to Ferrari so that he could imitate in part the work of his illustrious compatriot Schumacher, becoming champion in a red Ferrari. That failed. The four-time world champion didn't grab a world title while he had several times a fast car. Reason for the Italians to give Charles Leclerc a chance to be the first driver.

Vettel does not regret his choice for the Italian race stable: "Ferrari has always been a kind of boyhood dream. I was inspired by Schumacher. I still think he's the best ever."

Championships and records

The driver from Heppenheim was of course very eager to win a world title in a Ferrari. Not only for himself but secretly also for Schumacher. "I hoped I could keep some championships away from Lewis so that Michael's record would remain", the German admits laughingly to

Vettel then nuances it a bit: "Of course I wanted to succeed, even more than for Schumacher. Unfortunately I did not succeed but I am mature enough to see the reasons and move on to the next step".

There are strong rumours that Vettel will get a spot at the current Racing Point, next year Aston Martin, because there is an exit clause in Sergio Perez's contract.

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