Alonso: "It doesn't matter if I fight for a tenth, seventh or fourth place"

23-07-2020 08:55
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Alonso: It doesn't matter if I fight for a tenth, seventh or fourth place

Fernando Alonso was recently announced at Renault to replace Daniel Ricciardo from 2021. At the PL4NETS Wellbeing Summit 2020, Alonso said that he and Renault are aiming to win races in 2022 and that 2021 is still too early for that.

Big challenge

"Over the next year, we'll be driving more or less in the current Formula 1 cars. I know I have no chance with Renault to win in 2021. But it is a big challenge to participate in a project so that our hour comes in 2022", says Alonso.

The world champion of 2005 and 2006 says he is determined to fight for every position: "When I put on my helmet it doesn't matter if I fight for tenth, seventh or fourth place. I ride as if it's the last corner of the last race of the season and as if I'm fighting for the title."

First focus on Indy 500

Alonso does let us know that his visor is currently focused on driving the Indy 500 in August. As of September he will fully concentrate on Formula 1. "I'm looking forward to this new adventure", he closes.

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