Update - Weather forecast Hungaroring: It has started to rain

19-07-2020 11:31 | Updated: 19-07-2020 13:11
by GPblog.com
Update - Weather forecast Hungaroring: It has started to rain

Already the whole weekend it is expected to rain a lot at the Hungaroring. Also the weather forecast indicated that there would be a lot of rain on the track in Hungary. So far, however, only rain fell on the Friday, so only FP2 could not fully continue. Also for the race on Sunday the weather forecast is not optimal for rain.

During the F3-race on Sunday morning and the F2-race that followed there were still puddles on the track, but by the end of the F2 race it was already almost dry and for the rest of the day not much rain is expected. The chance was that it would probably start raining, but on the morning of the Grand Prix that picture changed again. 

Dry race in Hungary

The chance that it will rain is now only 30 to 50 percent, with temperatures around twenty degrees. Although rain will fall, the expectation is that not much will fall. So there is a good chance that during the Hungarian Grand Prix there will just be slicks and that there will be no wet conditions on the track.

Update - It has started to rain above the Hungaroring

It has now started to rain over the Hungaroring. There is also more rain coming. It may not be enough to make it a real rain race, but with a cold track and wet asphalt it might still cause some surprises!

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