Doornbos blames 'soft' Binotto: "Last year no strong performance either"

17-07-2020 08:36
Doornbos blames 'soft' Binotto: Last year no strong performance either

If the first two races in Austria foreshadow the rest of the season, Ferrari will face their worst season in decades. The chance that team boss Mattia Binotto will be there until the end of the season seems very small. But who should replace him?

Robert Doornbos can't name any names yet to, but he has an idea what kind of person that should be. Someone who is a lot harder than Binotto, because that's part of the problem, according to the Dutch driver.

Enough examples of hard team bosses

"Maybe there should be another change of guard at the top. I found Binotto's reaction after the collision of Charles [Leclerc] and Seb at least a bit silky and his performance last year in Brazil was not very strong either".

He mentions former Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo as an example, who famously pushed Michael Schumacher aside after missing out on an eighth world title. "But also Flavio Briatore and the combination Christian Horner and Helmut Marko are hard team bosses. I think Ferrari could use someone like that."

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